Helping to Sustain a Way of Life in the Bahamas


Our Research

Community Conch works with Bahamian conservation organizations and the Department of Marine Resources to collect the data needed to better manage the conch fishery of The Bahamas. With the support of the Bahamas Department of Marine Resources, the Bahamas National Trust, the Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation, and other NGOs, we conduct annual surveys of conch stocks on important fishing grounds.

Our first conch stock assessment was completed in the summer of 2009 in the Berry Islands. This outer island group was selected because it is now the closest viable fishery to the population center of Nassau and because baseline data was needed to support a new marine reserve in the area. Since then, we have completed surveys in the traditional and commercial fishing grounds of Andros Island, the Exuma Cays, the Bight of Abaco, the Jumento Cays/Ragged Island chain, and the Little Bahama Bank.

In addition to conducting research surveys, we work collaboratively with environmental educators in The Bahamas to design and implement outreach programs that inform, educate, and build community support for more sustainable conch harvesting methods.

As a nonprofit organization, our success is dependent on the help of our dedicated volunteers and partners who have donated time, boats and other equipment for our expeditions. Each year we offer Bahamian students an opportunity to join our expeditions to gain valuable field research experience. We encourage those who are comfortable in the water and on boats, and who are skilled at snorkeling and scuba diving to contact us or our partner organizations.

If you are interested in volunteering time or equipment, please contact us for information about future projects.