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New video – watch and learn how to estimate the age of a conch!

By admin | 12 July 2012 | 1 Comment
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So, what happens when the weather keeps us from getting out there and counting conch? Usually its data entry, catching up on email, lab work, checking the weather forecast, more data entry, checking the forecast again…mostly we’re behind the computer, but sometimes we get a little creative. Chris and Dunte arrived In Sandy Point just in time for the effects of a tropical storm, so they had lots of time to hone their acting skills and shoot an outreach video about one of the most interesting things they learned in their volunteer training…how to estimate the age of a conch. They also wanted to make sure they got out an important message. Take a look and share with people who might be interested!


  1. hi martha, we met last week at Blue Drinks, I have been to Crooked. I see you have had volunteers in the past counting conch. I may be interested in this or other chances to volunteer in an island setting. Please let me know if anything comes up in your organization OR you hear of anything through your contacts. Basically looking for an opportunity to spend some time helping, working, learning ,etc in an Island locale. Love snorkeling , am certified SCUBA but not comfortable at present, need some practice in mellow setting. Keep up the interesting work. 303 718 3437, thank you

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conch on shore

The harvest of juveniles that have not had a chance to reproduce is a threat to the conch fishery.