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Scientific Papers

2021 Synthesis of Research on the Reproductive Biology of Queen Conch
(Aliger gigas): Toward the Goals of Sustainable Fisheries and Species

2019 Forty Years of Field and Laboratory Experiments
with Hatchery-Reared Queen Conch: The Case for Conserving Natural Stocks

2018 Relationships between Fishing Pressure and Stock Structure in Queen Conch (Lobatus gigas) Populations: Synthesis of Long-Term Surveys and Evidence for Overfishing in The Bahamas (2MB PDF)

2013 Proxy measures for queen conch age and maturity: Relationships between shell lip thickness and operculum dimensions (946K PDF)

2012 Maturation and age in queen conch (Strombus gigas): Urgent need for changes in harvest criteria (Fish Res) (475K PDF)

2012 Abundance and population structure of queen conch inside and outside of a MPA (MEPS) (496K PDF)

2012 Negative consequences of the Allee effect compounded by fishing pressure (Bul Mar Sci) (909K PDF)

Technical Reports

2015 Queen Conch Stock Assessment Eastern Sand Bores Tongue of the Ocean (5MB PDF)

2014 Surveys of Queen Conch Populations on the Little Bahama Bank (889K PDF)

2014 Preliminary Report Population Genetics Structuring Among Queen Conch (541K PDF)

2014 Jumento Cays and Ragged Islands Stock Assessment Report (691K PDF)

2013 Queen Conch Reproductive Organ Histology – Expanded Methodology Report (737K PDF)

2013 Bight of Abaco Queen Conch Conch Populations and Reproductive Biology Report (2000K PDF)

2012 Conch Resources and Management Considerations Technical Brief (10,000K PDF)

2011 Exuma Cays Queen Conch Populations and Reproductive Biology Report (1,300K PDF)

2010 Andros Island Queen Stock Assessment Report (2,049K PDF)

2009 Berry Islands Queen Stock Assessment Report (2,670K PDF)