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New paper and a documentary on the way!

By admin | 13 February 2012 | 2 Comments
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In January, the Bulletin of Marine Science published Community Conch’s first contribution to the literature on queen conch. We’ve written reports, technical briefs, and policy briefs for the Bahamian government. Now we’re reaching the larger scientific community. Read our paper on the effects of fishing pressure on conch reproduction on the front page of the BMS online journal or here.

Last week we had Conch Salad TV down to Exuma to film a short documentary on conch fishing. Thanks for the hard work Matt, Lindsey, and Noah! Here’s a sneak peek at our cast!

Little Dewan is ready to educate!

Big D talks about his dedication to a sustainable fishery, while make a tasty conch salad.

Students from LN Coakley High School measure conch lip thickness for the camera.


  1. Awesome… loving the site, I’m being educated about something that I absolutely love!

  2. Make some more documentaries on Bahamian fisheries please

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adult conch

A Queen Conch flares its shell lip at 3-4 years, but it may take 6 years to reach sexual maturity.