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The spirit of giving is amazing. Community Conch recently received a generous donation from the First Universalist Church of Denver’s Compassion in Action Program, which gives 100% of each Sunday’s donation to a nominated cause. In appreciation of our work, the members of this church reached outside of their congregation and indeed outside of their country, to help make a difference. Community Conch would like to thank the congregation of this church and many others that make our mission possible. We couldn’t do what we do without support from the diverse network of friends and family, charitable organizations, conservation organizations, and of course the people that give a great deal of their time and energy each summer, our volunteers. Thank you very much! A growing list of contributors to Community Conch can be found on Our Sponsors page. Those that have volunteered to make our expeditions possible are listed on our Volunteers page.

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The Queen Conch is a large edible sea snail, a type of marine mollusk. As herbivores, they eat algae and other tiny marine plants.