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Wrapping up at Lee Stocking Island

By admin | 1 July 2011 | No Comments
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Well, we have said goodbye to 3 of our volunteers for the Lee Stocking Island leg of the trip and are heading north today. We really, really appreciate the time and dedication Jamie, Karl, and Alannah gave us while here. They did a great job! We got our work done and managed to have some fun doing it. Here are a few pictures of the crew…thanks guys!

Jamie, Karl, and Adric head to the next dive site.

Alannah records data while Martha drives the boat.

Jamie checks out the other marine life (besides conch) after swimming a transect.

Next we are going to Little Farmers Cay, which is about 15 miles north of Lee Stocking. No surveying there, but we will meet with some fishermen to talk conch. After that we will keep traveling up the Exuma Cays to Black Point, and then Staniel Cay. We hope to meet with some folks there too.

More posts are on the way, so be sure to check back again soon!


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fuzzy conch

The Queen Conch is a large edible sea snail, a type of marine mollusk. As herbivores, they eat algae and other tiny marine plants.